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Welcome to Rail Scale Models

Your source for model railroad craftsman kits, laser-cut detail components, custom scale structures, and laser-cutting services.

You will see that the Rail-Scale-Models website has gone through a big re-organization of the product groupings.  With the many new products introduced in recent years, the product organization had become a bit difficult to navigate.  The new organization will make it easier to find products you're looking for. 

You can see the new product structure in the graphic below (showing the HO section as an example - other scales follow similar structure):


Below is the color chips chart for paper Roofing & Wall Shingles.

If you've ordered a specific color of roofing before, that "color name" has not changed, so you may order it again and expect to receive the same color.
(But please note, there is some slight color variation from packet to packet from the vendor source for this material.)

You may be wondering, "what's the difference between 'Slate Gray' and 'Slate'".
There is just a subtle difference in these colors.  The Slate Gray selection is the color that's been included in our color chart for several years - it's truly a gray color. 
The new Slate color selection has a very subtle hint of green in the gray - a natural slate stone color. 

It's difficult to see the difference - until you put them next to each other... and then it's a clear distinction.


If you have requests for new items, don't hesitate to send suggestions our way.  Contact us through the "Contact Us" page.

To take advantage of our Loyalty Points program, be sure to create and login to your account.


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