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Welcome to Rail Scale Models

Your source for model railroad craftsman kits, laser-cut detail components, custom scale structures, and laser-cutting services.

More News at Rail-Scale-Models - we are moving !!

After a couple of years of talking about it, planning for it, and finally making it happen... my wife and I are relocating from the Raleigh NC area to the Asheville NC area. We are very excited to become "mountain people".

So far, as we have been packing and prepping for the move, I've been able to keep up with orders, but please be patient in the next few weeks as the final physical move is taking place. We'll be relocating our home first, and in June, I'll relocate the Rail-Scale-Models workshop into the finished basement of our new home.

During this time, I'll fill website orders as quickly as I can (within a week), but most custom structure or details work will likely have to go on the back-burner until mid-June.  
Stay tuned for updates on the move....

Big news here at Rail-Scale-Models...  as of March 2019, Rail-Scale-Models has acquired the designs and production rights to the laser-cut craftsman kit business from Rusty Stumps Scale Models.  This acquisition compliments the transfer of the laser-cut details business that took place in May 2018.

This line-up of craftsman kits includes designs in HO, S, and O scales, and represents many years of kit development and production from Walt at Rusty Stumps.

We'll spend some time in upcoming weeks/months to sort through the information and materials that come with this product line, and will work to get the Rail-Scale-Models website updated as each item becomes integrated into the Rail-Scale-Models line-up.  Stay tuned for additional details.

We look forward to continue to provide the high quality products and customer service that customers have grown to expect from Rusty Stumps.... and from Rail-Scale-Models.


For the paper Roofing Shingles, we now have 13 different colors to choose from.
We've added a nice graphic that shows accurate color chips for each color (seen below).

If you've ordered a specific color of roofing before, that "color name" has not changed, so you may order it again and expect to receive the same color.


If you have requests for new items, don't hesitate to send suggestions our way.  Contact us through the "Contact Us" page.

To take advantage of our Loyalty Points program, be sure to create and login to your account.


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Featured Products...

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Shorty's Service Station ~ HO scale
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Price: $170.00
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Price: $82.50
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Price: $65.50