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Product ID RSM-D4005

HO Masonry Windows

Price: $7.95

This sheet of laser-cut Masonry Windows provides a large quantity of a single window design - 6-over-6 double hung window assemblies.

These windows are designed to go into stone, brick, or masonry wall openings; there is no window framing, sills, or trim included.  These windows could be used in wood-framed walls by adding your own window frame, sill, and perimeter trim.

This item includes a sheet of acetate glazing that should be cut to size for each window.

There are 49 windows designed to go into a 3'-0" wide x 4'-6" high opening.

Half of the windows on the sheet are laser-cut as full-height, double-sash pieces; the others are cut as two individual sashes to be able to install the bottom sash in an open position, or in a outward-tilted position common in industrial buildings.





Double Hung Windows 49 3'-0" 4'-6" 0.4138" 0.6207"
"Actual Sizes" noted above are approximate - use the actual items to accurately mark wall openings.


NOTE ON MATERIALS:  This laser-cut sheet is available on either CARDSTOCK or RCBOARD. See the MATERIALS page for information on these options.


Assembly & Installation Instructions:

To prepare and install the windows into the wall opening, follow these steps:
1. Paint window sashes to desired color (may be easiest to do this while pieces are still attached to the carrier sheet).  Simple acrylic craft paints will work well, but be sure to use light coats; to seal the pieces, you may want to begin with a light coat of gray primer as a first coat.
2. When paint is dry, carefully remove sashes from carrier sheet by cutting the small tabs holding the pieces to the carrier sheet.
3. Cut to size and attach window glazing to the back side of each sash.  If your sheets include adhesive backing, remove the backside protective layer, and place glazing to the sticky side.
4. Use the window sash assemblies as a guide to measure, mark, and cut your wall openings. Keep in mind, you may wish to offset, and slightly overlap the two sashes to create the double-hung window affect.
5. Install window sashes into wall openings by using a bit of adhesive around the perimeter of the window assembly. Carefully hold in place as glue sets up.

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