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Product ID RSM-D5012

HO Large Interlocking Shingles

Price: $8.95

These shingles are a simulated Interlocking Shingle commonly found on large roof areas. They are also known as Victorian Shingles. Each package includes two (2) sheets.

If you select the adhesive backing, the strips are permanent self-adhesive - just peel and stick.

The shingles are each the same length, cut to a diamond shape with a bit of intricate detail at the point. These shingles are a bit larger than typical shingles at about twice the size. They are ideal for large roof areas and were commonly found on Victorian style houses, train stations, barns, etc. They have a distinctive shape for a special, unique appearance.

With a light painting of alcohol/India ink solution, the shingles take on a nice aged appearance - use a bit more, get more aging - it's up to you. Check the product photo - half is stained, half is not

NOTE:  The package contains sheets of laser-cut strips of shingles that need to be layered up - just like real shingles. These are not pre-layered sheets.

Shingles are laser-cut from a heavy wood fiber content paper and resemble wood or asphalt shingles very well.

NOTE:  Due to the larger overlap, these sheets of shingles do not have quite as much coverage as other products; be aware of this when calculating order quantities. Also, typical Cap Shingles for this style shingle are the 3-Tab Shingles.
Each package contains two (2) sheets that measure 4" wide by 6" long - approximately 46 square inches of material. With a 60% overlap, the two (2) sheets cover approximately 20 square inches of roofing area.

Updated color chips; we've added some new colors for you to choose from !

If you've ordered a specific color of roofing before, that "color name" has not changed, so you may order it again and expect to receive the same color.
(But please note, there is some slight color variation from packet to packet from the vendor source for this material.)

You may be wondering, "what's the difference between 'Slate Gray' and 'Slate'".
There is just a subtle difference in these colors.  The Slate Gray selection is the color that's been included in our color chart for several years - it's truly a gray color. 

The new Slate color selection has a very subtle hint of green in the gray - a natural slate stone color. 

Be sure to also purchase the D5016 HO Scale Ridge Cap and Starter Sheet to start off and finish your shingle installation in the same color as your shingles.


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