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Product ID RSM-D4543

O Scale 3 sizes~same width Factory Windows

Price: $8.95

Thin frame laser cut simulated metal factory windows.  These windows can also be sized to fit different openings by cutting off rows of window openings either horizontally or vertically.

This sheet carries

2 frames of 8'-0" wide by 11'-11" high of 3 x 3  - 12 pane sashes.

3 frames of 8'-0" wide by 8'-0" high of 3 x 2  - 12 pane sashes.

5 frames of 8'-0" wide by 4'-1.5" high of 3 x 1 12 pane sashes.

 Rows of vertical or horizontal windows can be cut from the larger frame to make shorter or narrower windows.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that opening size is critical in installing these windows. The design of these windows is for the outer frame to be attached to the back of the wall so make the opening 6" narrower and 6" shorter than the above dimensions given for each frame.

Paint only with acrylic paints. The thinness of the mullions will cause them to crack when solvent based paints are used. the acrylic paints are actually rubber and thus bend better. Always paint while still attached to the carrier sheet and before attaching the acetate glazing.

Read the HOW TO article on using our Factory Style Windows by clicking on the menu item to the left "How To Articles". This will give you a more indepth idea of installing these windows.

NOTE: These windows only come in our RC Board material and only with Adhesive Backing because the mullions are so thin. These are the thinnest mullions we can cut.

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