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Product ID RSM-D4029

HO 2 ft 6 inch wide Windows and Doors

Price: $7.95

Here is a sheet of laser cut windows & doors with accompanying acetate glazing. The sheet contains a series of windows for 2'-6" wide openings in sizes of 2'-6" high to 6' high. There are fixed pain windows, double hung with adjustable sashes and double wide, fixed sash windows. Also there is single width doors with transom plus double width doors. All for the scratch builder or kit basher in you. There is framing pieces including sills and headers. These are ideal for a commercial building.

NOTE: These doors and windows are the same as our D4002 sheet except for the widths. These windows are 6" narrower. 

Window Sizes on this Card:

Six double hung windows for a 2'-6" wide by 6'-0" high opening

Eleven single hung windows for a 2'-6" wide by 3'-0" high opening

Four dual double hung windows for a 5'-0" wide by 6'-0" high opening

Two single hung doors with overhead lites for a 2'-6" wide by 8'-0" high opening

One double entry door for a 5'-0" wide by 6'-6" high opening






Double Hung Window 6 2'-6" 6'-0" .2759" .8276"
Single Sash Window 11 2'-6" 3'-0" .2759" .4138"
Double Hung Window 4 5'-0" 6'-0" .6897" .8276"
Single Entry Door 2 2'-6" 8'-0" .2759" 1.1034"
Double Entry Door 1 5'-0" 6'-6" .6897" .8966"
Actual sizes show are approximate. You will need to use the actual item to cut the openings properly.



NOTE ON MATERIALS: We now offer a choice between CARDSTOCK or RCBOARD.

CARDSTOCK has a smooth finish and is real stable. Does well with paints but you need to be careful when painting thin mullions. Click here to read the Q&A concerning the CardStock material.  
-$0.50 discount

RCBOARD is a plastic impregnated cardstock and is both durable and easy to paint. RCBoard works well with thin mullions but otherwise is very similar to our cardstock material. Excessive wetness can warp this board.

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