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Product ID RSM-K4013

The Wharf ~ HO Scale

Price: $54.95

Newly Refreshed and Re-Released... The Wharf at Kelley's Landing is now available.
Revamped Assembly Instruction Manual; Fresh-Cut Stripwood and Laser-Cut Details; Freshly-Poured Stone Wall Castings; Ready to go onto your layout !! 
(some assembly required :) )


The Wharf is a stripwood, stick-built craftsman kit.

This craftsman kit comes into the Rail-Scale-Models product line-up as part of the recent acquisition of the Rusty Stumps Scale Models laser-cut craftsman kit business.


The Wharf is one of six kits in the Kelley's Landing Series.... and runs the entire length of the Kelley's Landing series of structures.

There’s a long history of Kelley’s Landing and the Wharf.  It was originally just a small dock setting out into the Fall Creek water flow.  This was even before Jack Kelley built the first building at Kelley's Landing.  All Jack had at the time was a large tent and big ideas.  But just about the time he built the original Boarding House, Jack also built the original Wharf.  It wasn't as big as the present day Wharf, and it didn't have a rail spur, but it did service the small barges that would occasionally stop to drop off supplies.

At around 1898, the original Boarding House burned to the ground.  The stories vary, but it seems there was a fight in the bar, and an oil lamp got knocked to the ground to start the fire.  There was no fire department in the vicinity, and most of the guests at the bar were far too inebriated to put up much of a fight against the flames.  The structure was left as a pile of glowing embers.

A couple of years later in 1900, Jack built the present day Boarding House, and at the same time replaced the old, dilapidated Wharf with the present day 127' long structure.  Around that same time, the Fall Creek Lumber Company was in full swing, and they ran a spur track down from the mill to haul various loads brought in by steam barge up to the camps and the mill.

The Wharf is constructed completely from stripwood.  It sets on 9 sets of piles and beams.  These beam assemblies are topped with 2”x10” joists running the length of the Wharf, and the decking is laid down with 2”x10” boards that run front to back.  The back of the decking abuts the side of the spur track rail.  The Wharf decking and the rail are at the same height, and the area between the rails is filled with timbers.  The road on the other side is also flush with that same rail elevation – creating a smooth transport from merchant, across the road, across the rails, and onto the wharf decking.

Before the new wharf was constructed, stacked stone walls were put in place to hold back the land and allow for deeper waters alongside the wharf.  Piles are strategically placed along the wharf to protect it from wayward barges.

The Wharf can be constructed as shown - making a single 127’ long by 22' wide structure - including the spur track; the elevation from river bottom to top of deck is 10'-6", or the structure may be modified in length or height as needed – to fit the modeler’s railroad.  If the modeler wishes to create a longer structure, two or more wharf kits may be joined together.


  • Four (4) hydrocal plaster castings each 5" long to make up the bulkhead onto which the spur rail line sets.
  • Birch dowels for the piles and pile bumpers.
  • Scale stripwood for all lumber that makes up the Wharf.
  • A laser-cut guide to set the height of the pile assemblies in relation to the top of the spur rail.
  • Laser-cut joist jigs to position deck joists along the length of the wharf.
  • A comprehensive instruction manual with construction progress photos and “how-to” details.


NOTE:  Figures, vehicles, ground scenery, railroad track, and general diorama construction materials shown in model photos are not included in the kit.  Pictures shown are of the pilot model construction;  production models might vary slightly.


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