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Product ID RSM-D4015

HO Engine House Windows

Price: $7.95

A nice selection of mixed sizes of windows featuring: 14 tall narrow style windows; 6 wide large opening windows; 4 circular windows; 3 transom type windows and two roof vestibule windows. All cut from our quality 6 ply cardstock.

These windows were inspired by Mike Chambers "master modeler". Mike had an old engine house kit he wanted to update with our new card stock windows and thus this product was created. Now it's available for any modeler to use for an engine house, roundhouse, warehouse or any factory style building. Use your imagination.

 These cardstock windows take paints real well be it solvent based or craft acrylic based paints. You can use a scratch brush directly on the cardstock before painting or after. Just don't soak the cardstock with paint but build up your color using successive light coats of paint. These windows like all our other cardstock products will take the "peeling paint" special effects real well.

Windows offered on this sheet are:

Fourteen 9 over 15 light tall narrow windows for a 4'-0" wide by 11'-5" high opening

Four large 18 by 18 light rectangular windows for a 12'-5" wide by 9'-2" high opening

Four round six lite windows for a 5'-6" diameter round opening

Three long transom windows for a 6'-0" wide by 2'-0" high opening

Two long vestibule windows for a 27'-0" wide by 2'-7" high opening






9x15 Lite Tall Fixed Window 14 4'-0" 11'-5" .5517" 1.5747"
18x18 Lite Wide Fixed Window 4 12'-5" 9'-2" 1.7126" 1.2644"
Round Fixed Window 4 5'-6" 5'-6" .7586" .7586"
Long Transom Fixed Windows 3 6'-0" 2'-0" .8276" .2759"
Long Vestibule Windows 2 27'-0" 2'-7" 3.7241" .3563"
Actual sizes show are approximate. You will need to use the actual item to cut the openings properly.


NOTE ON MATERIALS: We now offer a choice between CARDSTOCK or RCBOARD.

CARDSTOCK has a smooth finish and is real stable. Does well with paints but you need to be careful when painting thin mullions. Click here to read the Q&A concerning the CardStock material.   -$0.50 discount

RCBOARD is a plastic impregnated cardstock and is both durable and easy to paint. RCBoard works well with thin mullions but otherwise is very similar to our cardstock material. Excessive wetness can warp this board.

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