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Product ID RSM-L3501

O Scale Cement Block Wall Sheet

Price: $13.45

This 12" wide by 8" high sheet of RC Board comes laser engraved with a standard 8" x16" Cement Block pattern. With deep grooves for powered chalks to be added for life like realism.  Image area is 11.75" x 7.75". Comes either with self-adhesive backing or without.

Choose between our RC Board (resin coated cardstock) or our premium dense cardstock. Each has unique painting qualities. The RC Board is a plastic finish so the paints don't tend to soak in. You will get brighter colors with it. The premium cardstock will tend to wick the paints more so you will get muted colors which is good for aged and damaged brick walls.  

The laser cutting is deep so that when painted powdered chalks may be added to simulate cement mortar. Photo shows the sheet as it comes in the background and a corner piece made up. Two strips of the Cement Bock sheet were cut along the vertical mortar lines. One piece was applied to the backer with it's edge even with the corner. The second strip was applied to the 90 degree surface so it overlapped the edge of the first stirp with it's edge even with the outside surface of the first strip. No special care was taken other than to match up the horizontal mortar lines.

The made up piece was then painted with Delta Ceramcoat Craft Paint  Quaker Grey #02057. The top portion had a grey chalk powder applied with a dry brush then rubbed with a finger to wipe the excess chalk off the face of the bricks. The bottom portion is just the paint. A coat of Testor's Dull Cote would set the mortar and protect the block. Spray application is recommended otherwise the very light film of the chalk on the face of the blocks would be removed.

NEW: A good way to paint these sheets is to spray with light coats of Automotive Gray Primer. Do this from each edge of the sheet towards the center. This is to get the gray down into the mortar lines. When the primer is dry use a dry brush technique to apply a top coat of your chosen color to the face of the blocks or bricks. 

This material cuts easily with a X-Acto knife. The self-adhesive is permanent so care needs to be taken when applying it to the subwall material. Window and door openings can easily be cut in this material as it will not splinter or break.

Price is for one sheet.

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